Making a Pre-Test for an Assessment

You might be freaking out right now because you have an assessment tomorrow. (An assessment is a test or quiz.) 

Well what I do when I have an important test or quiz is I make a pre-test for myself. I look at all of my notes and put together a worksheet as if I was a teacher. 

Here's what supplies you'll need: 

  • a notebook (lined) that is dedicated to pre-tests for every subject
  • a colored pen for writing the pre-test 
  • a pencil to complete the pre-test

Now here's how to make the pre-test:

  1. Get out your lined notebook and flip to the first open page. 
  2. Get out your notes and previous worksheets you've done. 
  3. Get out your colored pen (black will work also)
  4. Label each question with a number (1,2,3,4,5,6, etc.)
  5. Start making the questions. They can be in any format you want (multiple choice, open response, matching).
  6. Leave spaces between the questions to space everything out. 
  7. Once you finish making all the questions (there's no limit on how many questions you can have), get out your pencil and answer them. 
  8. Then correct your work. 

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