How to be ready for School Every Night

Each night, I pack my backpack and get ready for school the next day in a specific order that always works for me. Here is everything I do in order each night:

  1. Check my next day's schedule on my laptop.
  2. Find out what classes I have (I keep my laptop open in case I need to go back to it).
  3. Pack each binder and notebook in order of the classes I have. For example if I have Pre-Alebra first I will put in my 1-inch binder and notebook first then I will do any other classes. 
  4. While I put each binder in, I make sure I did the homework for that class. 
  5. I make sure I have my agenda and laptop. 
  6. I make sure I have both of my pencil cases ready with pencils, black ink pens, a red pen, ultra fine point sharpie, tape, calculator, highlighters, colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, dry erase markers, etc. 
  7. Make sure I have my gym clothes, instrument, etc. 
  8. Make sure I know what activities I have after school so I can plan my homework time for the next day
  9. Make my water bottle
  10. Make my snack (if time)
  11. Double check if I have my  agenda and laptop
  12. Get my outfit all ready on the floor or desk of my bedroom so there is no fashion show drama in the morning 
  13. Get my shoes ready and an extra pair just in case it's raining 
  14. Double check if I have my instrument and laptop


So if you follow those steps, you will be perfectly ready for school!! Again take a look at my Pinterest account at the top of the page. 

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