Supplies Needed for School


There are many supplies that you may need for school this year, but don't miss this list of the necessities. 

  • LOTS of pencils
  • pens (at least 1 red, 1 blue, and 1 black)
  • pencil-top erasers (not regular erasers, they don't usually work)
  • a 3-inch binder, or the correct size for your grade (for higher grades, it might require you to get multiple 1-inch binders and that is fine)
  • about 3 college-ruled notebooks (don't get the ones that have binder holes in them, they will get ruined if you put them in your binder. If you do get the ones with holes in them, don't put them in your binder)
  • an agenda (sometimes your school will give them to you or you might use an online one. If neither of those options are available or you just want an agenda/planner get a nice colorful one and whatever you do, don't lose it!)
  • if you are in a lower grade or they are on your list, crayons or colored pencils (don't get markers, they bleed through the paper)
  • get an extra college-ruled notebook in case you run out of space in another or to make pre-tests for a class (see my other blog posts for more information on writing pre-tests for a test or quiz.)
  • sticky notes 
  • binder clips for holding papers together or marking your spot on your agenda 
  •  dividers for different subjects in your binder
  • 5 different colored highlighters
  • loose-leaf paper (normally lined, of course!)
  • 3 dry erase markers (black)
  • any recommended (by your teachers) tape, glue sticks or rulers
  • a calculator if you are in a higher grade
  • a pencil box (colored) and a pencil pouch. Put your pencils, pens, dry erase markers, and highlighters in the box and bigger stuff like calculators, tape, glue sticks, and rulers in the pouch.

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