After School Routine

I always do my homework and after school activities in a specific order. It is important to have a daily routine so that you get used to doing things a certain way. Here is the order I recommend doing things:

  1. Get home from school.
  2. Take 15 minutes to yourself, doing whatever you choose. Try not to play video games, they won't help you in the long run with school. 
  3. Then change your clothes into something more comfortable.  
  4. Have a healthy snack.
  5. Start of list of everything you have to do, including sports and/or music. Refer to your agenda. 
  6.  Once you finish the list, get started on the first thing on it. Work for about 20 minutes (if you finish before then, you can still do this) and then take a quick stretch break. 
  7. Work on the next thing in front of you. If you don't finish it in twenty minutes, move on to the next thing until it's been 20 minutes. Take a break. Try to keep it short. 
  8. Repeat 7 & 8 until you finish all of your homework and activities. 
  9. Pack up your backpack here
  10. Take ten minutes to yourself. 
  11. Make sure you've done all your homework, and also practiced any instruments. 
  12. Read for at least 10 minutes. (Don't do it unless you want to if it was part of your homework.)
  13. You are done! You can do anything you want now.

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